David & Nicole Barnett are the husband and wife team behind High Performance Stylist (HPS) Business Coaching.
After coaching hundreds of salons to incredible success they now offer you the opportunity to experience their knowledge and results through 
HPS BusinessCoaching
This highly interactive, online program will give you all the principles that took their own salon to 7 figures and created multiple 6 figure 
stylists on their team.
Secure your place on the HPS Platinum team and transform your salon into the business you've always dreamed of. 


If you are a hair salon owner and/or stylist, looking to make more money from your business or career then this podcast will give you the answers.

Each episode I will be giving you the insights and strategies that not only gave my own business massive revenue and profits 
but has now allowed salon owners and stylists all 
over the world to turn their salons and careers into 
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Our Story & The Creation Of HPS

We need to tell you how our 4 chair, small town salon became a $1.2 MILLION, POWERHOUSE business with multiple 6 FIGURE stylists...
Most salon owners will tell you there are countless ways to run a successful salon but after building my own 7 figure salon and coaching hundreds of salon owners on transforming their businesses I’ve learnt this is far from true.

There is one single business model that must be followed if you intend your salon to be highly profitable, continuously growing and embodies a team culture that empowers them to build a successful career.

This has nothing to do with the type of services you offer or the age demographic of client you attract and everything to do with the structure of the business and the daily practices you use as a leader.

Most people who know the story of our salon would say it was an “overnight” success, however, the truth is that although we saw rapid growth, even during our first year of business, it took months of planning before we even opened the doors, followed by consistent daily actions that were closely tracked and adjusted as needed until we created the model that allowed our salon and the stylists in it to THRIVE!

Our goal for the salon was very clear right from the start and we never wavered from it;

“A highly profitable, 7 figure salon with multiple stylists earning 6 figures.”

That was it, one single sentence that would be our North Star, our guiding light and every business decision we made was based on achieving our goal.
The first major challenge was that we could only afford to open a 4 chair salon in a tiny space on the second level of a building that we were the only tenants in.

Now unless you are charging $500 a haircut you don’t need to be a genius to work out that there is no way you can create a 7 figure salon business in a 4 chair salon.
This didn’t deter us from our goal, we knew what we could currently afford and we knew we had to grow.

I’m not going to tell you it was easy because it wasn’t. We spent every hour possible either in the salon behind the chair or marketing and generating business during that first year.

As Nicole and I became fully-booked we hired 2 stylists that were young and eager to be coached and moulded into the culture of the salon.
Within 18 months we were at capacity. That little space had served us well and we had banked over $100,000 in clear profit, but we needed to grow.

A beautiful space, 4 times the size of our original salon became available in the building and after 2 months of construction, we opened the doors to our dream salon.
We grew our team to 7 stylists and including our apprentices and front of house had 13 team members.

By the end of year 3 we hit our goal, 7 Figures, multiple stylists earning 6 figures and an incredible 25% profit margin (400% higher than industry average).

Fast forward to today, we have coached hundreds of salon owners in multiple countries on the exact principles that gave us this level of success through our High Performance Stylist (HPS), 
online coaching program.

The most amazing realisation for us is that it doesn’t matter which town or city you live in. 
It doesn’t matter the type of guests or age demographic you want to attract. 
The rules to making serious profit and building a highly successful business never change.
Just do exactly as we tell you and you can have this level of success in your salon.

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"The systems that Nicole and David teach are simple to follow and give remarkable results. They transformed our business into a well structured, profitable machine!"

- Hunter & Walsh Salon, UK

"With the help of David & Nicole we have had an incredible first year in business with monthly totals of $65,000 and profit margins of 23%! 

- Twelve 27 Salon, USA

"I've been amazed at the transformation that happened to my business. We have been open for 15 years and we are now seeing the profits and revenue that we dreamed of thanks to HPS!"

- Surgery Hairdressing, Northern Ireland
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